Marketing has made great progress through marketing automation programs and, now, programmatics to buy your online advertising for you.

Increasingly, the process of marketing is digitised and automated – taking away the necessity for instinctive decisions, personal judgement and creative thought.

You might be thinking you just have to upload the software, present your product or service, then sit back and wait for qualified leads to roll into your Inbox, knowing you’ve reached your target market precisely. You might think that human skills have given way to digital logic, and attributes like creativity are redundant.

But now we subscribe to Content Marketing.

Now that we don’t ‘sell’ to consumers, but ‘engage’ with them, the importance of relevant, timely, compelling words and pictures has never been greater.

It took strategists to plan out Content Marketing, developers to get us there, and now it’s down to writers to implement it. (For all the progress made with Artificial Intelligence, writing still hasn’t truly been automated).

Automation provides a means of delivery. Now it’s time for inventive, strategic writing to return to prominence, to do the real hard slog of engaging with the marketplace.

I’m totally content with that.