It’s absolutely not. We see it as a definitive tool for marketers’ to track and refine their approach and service, based on the evidence (usually identifiable buying patterns) they find. Oh, how the consumer gets more and more, savvy! – oh, how we have to out-think them and deliver their products and services on a plate.

As marketing communications has evolved, the strategic planning needed has fractionalised into minute details which distinguish one customer from another. Instead of a simple marketing schedule we now have to shoot off in all directions, ultimately targeting every consumer as an individual.

This engages with the customer almost on a one-to-one basis. Giving the customer the best experience we can requires a rather large smile on the face of the vendor and that’s where relationships blossom.

Giving the consumer a bad experience turns them off, interrupting the purchase and harming the deeply-seated brand perception. Traditionally, it was easy to get their experiences wrong – now it’s easy to get it right.

This is where the machines take over. With the most relevant software tools, continually updated, we can perform precisely and on time, issuing a plethora of information that refines and dictates future sales and CRM content via multiple routes and channels.

Omni is taken from the word Omnis meaning ‘all’ or ‘universal’ – so to de-jargonise this, it simply means all or any of the ways you can reach your customer to inform, sell or advise. Jargon or not, this is a very serious move to co-ordinate all the good delivery mechanisms and dialogues that can be achieved across the Internet, with a sophistication, intelligence – and a smile – that hasn’t been seen before.

‘It’s not rocket science’ – no, but it’s starting to get very close to something that’s evidence-based and scientifically precise. The next stage will be to develop an algorithm that determines exactly how the world sees, reacts, loves and buys your products and services, without a hint of wastage. We’ll be first in the queue for it.